PSIA Member Spotlight: Next Level Security Systems


Emerging company finds value in IP standards


Next Level Security Systems is a newly launched physical security company focused on developing a new breed of unified, networked security solutions. Founded by Pete Jankowski, who formerly launched Loronix (sold to Verint) and SyPixx (sold to Cisco), Next Level develops IP security solutions that are based on open standards, including PSIA and ONVIF, offer a robust set of capabilities and are designed to be easy-to-configure and cost-effective. The company’s flagship product, the NLSS Gateway, combines video management, access control, VoIP and video analytics into a single open architecture platform.

Jankowski, who also serves as Chairman of the PSIA IP Video Working Group, quickly realized IP standards were a critical addition to Next Level’s products to enable technologies to easily communicate with other IP devices. The adoption of open standards reduces the amount of custom integration and lowers end-user costs.

“Standards, such as the PSIA IP Media Device, address important issues, such as device discovery and configuration, and is one of the first steps toward true interoperability and industry-wide convergence," Jankowski said. “The ability to streamline methods of communication with IP networks offers substantial value to the industry at large.”

The integration of IP-based security technologies has traditionally been challenging, as one manufacturer’s products may not work with another without customized software integration. Unfortunately, the lack of a common communication protocol has significantly slowed the adoption of IP technologies in the security marketplace. But standard development efforts will allow network-based technologies to communicate efficiently and therefore reduce the complexity associated with IP security integration. Furthermore, PSIA’s 1.1 IP Media Device specification makes it easier for systems integrators to offer cost effective solutions to customers; enable end users to select best-in-class IP security products, regardless of brand; and increase market opportunities for manufacturers of IP-enabled solutions as products can be easily integrated with others.

“We firmly believe IP standards are a valuable component of our product portfolio and we will continue to support the development of not only IP video standards but those that address access control, video analytics and recording solutions,” Jankowski said.